What’s new in Whatsapp?

Would you like to have a direct channel with the possibility of reaching more than 2 billion people?

Well, that’s the number of active users WhatsApp currently has, which places the platform at the top of mobile messaging tools, surpassing strong competitors such as Telegram which boasts 800 million monthly users but is still light years behind WhatsApp’s figures.

This great popularity makes it an incredible digital marketing tool, especially if we analyze its most recent novelty.

We are talking about the channels they incorporated with their latest update, as spaces for sharing content.Many celebrities such as Gerard Piqué, Bad Bunny or Ibai llanos are already uploading content to their channels, as are brands and institutions of the stature of Real Madrid and FC Barcelona.

Returning to the inevitable comparison and although many critics claim that it is nothing more than an attempt by Meta to plagiarize the idea of Telegram by incorporating this new functionality, the truth is that if we analyze some examples such as the well-known youtuber Adrián Saenz, the reach he has achieved in his Whatsapp channel just a few days after its creation exceeds more than five times his audience in Telegram after several years of activity.
But what makes these channels so special? First, it allows you to share updates in real time with your audience, and second, it opens a direct communication channel with your followers, allowing you to establish a closer relationship with them. Unlike other networks where there is an algorithm that shows users what it interprets they want to see, within a channel instead, the content uploaded will reach all of your followers.

Can you imagine the potential of having a WhatsApp channel for your business?
According to statistics, 77% of WhatsApp users use the application several times a day. Imagine having that level of interaction with your followers. You could provide them with constant updates, answer their questions in real time and, most importantly, establish a relationship of trust with them.

Although the feature is still in Beta and not yet accessible to everyone it is clear that it has great potential, and as new updates are released, we are likely to see more businesses and content creators leveraging WhatsApp channels to reach their audience.

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