What social media should my business be on?

This is a million dollar question. Many companies want to know quickly which networks to invest in, to save time, since there are several. It is a complex question that requires a well thought out answer.

Initially, your business needs to be where your customers are. Therefore, it is important to know the profile of people on each network and find out which are the favorite sites of your audience. This way, you increase the chances of reaching the right contacts by carrying out communication strategies in these spaces.

However, this can be a somewhat limiting answer. You should also look at the nature of your business and its objectives with social networks. If the focus is to make the most of these channels, then it is interesting to be present in more networks and have an integrated strategy.

Social networks are a way of interacting and dialoguing directly with people, either in publications or in private conversations. The brand can build customer loyalty by offering attentive, agile, efficient and humanized service. It is possible to answer questions, offer solutions and better understand the pain of each user.

If the brand wants to develop a more youthful and informal communication, the presence in the networks is a good way to put it into practice. In these channels, communication with people will be tested.

Depending on the level of informality of your communication, you can already filter some network options to focus on, for example:

on LinkedIn, companies generally assume a more neutral and formal tone;

on Instagram, they open up to informality;

on Facebook, it is very common to use slang and a more jocular tone.

on Twitter, share the news you want to spread more quickly.

on TikTok, publish your most visual and trending content.

Finally, we should mention that everything depends a lot on testing. In Digital Marketing, testing is essential to know how to adjust the results and in which direction to go. Your company can join a network, start a communication strategy there and then evaluate if the results were good, then you can continue or not with a presence in that channel.

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