The reality: Do you consume what you promote?

Have you ever wondered why you buy what you buy? Is it really because of the quality of the product or because of all the marketing behind it?

Marketing has the power to transform common products into objects of desire, even when their true value is questionable. Take beverage industry giants like Pepsi and Coca-Cola, for example. Despite the negative health effects of excessive consumption of their products, their success is undeniable and is largely due to their powerful marketing strategies.

These companies are adept at associating their brand with popular figures, such as athletes and artists. But have you ever wondered if these celebrities actually consume the products they promote? Would they give them to their loved ones? It is curious to consider how many times, the love and admiration that fans have for these figures is used to influence their consumption decisions.

According to a survey by the American Marketing Association, the average company spends about 11% of its total revenue on marketing. In some cases, alarmingly, the product they sell can be harmful to health, but thanks to marketing, these companies stay on top.

77% of consumers choose brands that share their values, according to a study by Cone Communications. This shows us that the trend is shifting towards more ethical and responsible marketing, where authenticity and transparency are valued by consumers.

We applaud those who refuse to promote products that they would not consume themselves or that they do not consider beneficial. These people understand the importance of responsible marketing, which is not only concerned with sales, but also with the well-being of their consumers.

This leads us to reflect, wouldn’t it be wonderful if all companies incorporated ethical and responsible marketing practices? Not only would it benefit consumers, but it would also help build a relationship of trust and loyalty with the brand.

This is where a digital marketing agency can be a valuable ally. We not only help communicate your message, but also make sure that this message is aligned with your values and those of your customers.

In a world full of noise and misinformation, being authentic and transparent can be your greatest competitive advantage. So if you have a product or service that you’re really proud of, wouldn’t you want your marketing strategy to reflect that? Think carefully about how you want your product to be marketed – do you want to be part of the problem or part of the solution?

At the end of the day, a satisfied and healthy customer is the best advertising you can have. Because a brand that cares about its customers will attract customers who care about your brand.

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