Mark Zuckerberg’s K.O. Elon Musk with Threads

After Dana White (President of Ultimate Fighting Championship) said that Musk and Zuckerberg, with the help of advisors, have negotiated behind the scenes for a possible physical fight, Mr. Zuckerberg made a move to deliver a major digital KO with the release of Threads, the new Meta app that will compete with Twitter.

What is Threads and how does it work?
Threads is positioned as an app where people can have real-time public conversations. It also helps boosting Instagram, which is the flagship app in Meta’s family of products.

“The idea is to build an open and friendly space for communities,” Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, said in an interview.

Instagram is closely tied to Threads. For now, those interested in signing up for the new app must have an Instagram account. The user’s Instagram account must also be their Threads username.

And, if they wish, they will be able to import the list of people they follow on Instagram directly into Threads. Verified Instagram users will also be verified in the new app. They can set their Threads account to be private or public.

How are Threads and Twitter similar?
Users can post primarily text-based messages in a drop-down feed, where they can reply to their followers and those they follow. Photos or videos can also be posted to the application.

What advantages and disadvantages does Threads have over Twitter?
Essentially, Instagram wants Threads to work seamlessly with other platforms, which could attract creators and influencers so they don’t have to start from scratch on every app. For example, if a creator accumulates a significant number of followers on Threads they could take them to other platforms based on the same technology. In this way, creators would be less at risk and would not feel “locked in” to a single platform, Mosseri says.

The biggest disadvantage that can be seen at first glance is that it does not have private messaging like Twitter but this may strategically be the differentiating point with other social networks in general.

Where will it be available?
Threads can be downloaded for free from Apple’s App Store and the Google Play store in the United States and 100 other countries.
However, Meta said that, at this initial stage, Threads will not be available in the European Union (EU), one of the company’s largest markets. In the coming months, the EU will implement the Digital Markets Act, which limits how the largest technology companies share data between services. Meta said it was waiting to learn more details about the implementation of the law before launching the new app in the 27-country bloc.

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