In influencer marketing, less is often more

If you are wondering how to increase the turnover of your business by attracting new customers and at the same time save on advertising campaigns, I give you the answer in just two words: Influencer Marketing.

Influencer marketing has revolutionized the way brands interact with their consumers. Many times it’s not about big advertising campaigns or expensive TV commercials, but authentic people sharing real experiences with products and services.

An influencer, in its essence, is a person who has the power to intervene in the purchasing decisions of others because of their authority, knowledge, position or relationship with their audience. And that audience can be vast or relatively small, but incredibly engaged. This is where niche influencers come into play.

These types of content creators have a smaller follower base hence the term niche, which generally this segment of the market tends to be more loyal. Their followers trust them, value their opinions and are willing to follow their recommendations. Some studies suggest that niche influencers can have up to 60% more engagement than those influencers with giant audiences. Even within advertising campaigns the return on investment or ROI is up to 7 times higher. Can you now see the potential of these niche influencers?

Moreover, these influencers are a reference in their field. Whether it’s vegan fashion, sustainable technology or fitness for busy moms, they know their niche inside out. This means they can speak with authority and credibility, which in turn builds trust with their audience.

And there’s more. Niche influencers are often more affordable for brands, especially for small businesses with tighter marketing budgets, and who don’t have the advertising budget of say Apple. Instead of spending thousands or even millions on a high-profile influencer campaign, you can get great results with a highly engaged niche influencer.

But how do you find the right niche influencer for your brand? This is where the role of web analysts specialized in researching the market or agencies like mkbalance that offer the possibility of contacting brands with influencers that fit the required profile comes in. In this case it’s not just about finding someone with followers in the thousands rather than millions. It’s about understanding your audience, their interests and what they value, and then finding those influencers who really resonate with that audience.

So, after learning about some of the advantages of this type of strategy, I invite you to think about how you can leverage your business by hiring a targeted influencer in your market and launching a successful campaign.

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