Where Are You While Your Customers Decide?

The modern consumer lives connected to the internet. They spend around 3 hours a day browsing, interacting on social networks and searching for products and services online. If your company does not yet have a digital presence, you are ignoring the world’s largest market.

Studies show that the average person typically spends a quarter of their day in front of a screen. Whether it’s on the phone, TV or computer, much of their leisure and shopping time is spent online. 

Many businesses have yet to adapt to this reality. Although websites are a must whenever they are coordinated with social media strategies, this translates into increased leads and greater sales opportunities. So if a brand is not on networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or has its own website that identifies it, it simply does not exist for its audience. It may be a bit difficult for many companies to manage their online presence on their own, for that there are companies specialized exclusively in digital marketing that take care of the whole process.

Because this digital absence has serious consequences. Consumers will turn to competitors that do understand the importance of being online. They will shop with those brands that offer an interactive experience, valuable content and effective customer service through direct messaging, even if their end product is inferior.

Those who ignore the need for an effective and consistent digital strategy are giving away customers to the competition. They are missing out on establishing an emotional bond with users and their valuable “word of mouth” through their feedback. It has been proven that a 1% increase in star ratings on reviews can lead to a 5-9% increase in revenue, which makes it really important for businesses to focus their efforts on encouraging positive testimonials online.

If you feel that your business has not yet adapted to the new world, we recommend you seek the help of professionals like us who have the expertise to help you avoid these costly mistakes. Our team knows the latest trends in digital marketing and how to get the most out of them. In addition to developing customized plans, designed to build a strong community of loyal followers to your brand.

 It’s time to start standing out!

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