Generate and create customized color palettes

If you are looking for the colors to give life to your projects, here you will be able to create and generate the ideal combination.

How to generate and create your ideal color palette?

1-You can create a 100% customizable color palette.

2-You can add or remove colors through the “+-” buttons.

3-Also from the color scale that appears when you click on each color you can add the color you want.

4-Through the “Random” option you can generate completely random color palettes that you can then download as is or modify.

5-You can also increase or decrease the intensity of the generated palette of colors through the regulation bar that appears.

6-You have the option to copy the color value directly to your clipboard with just one click to paste it directly into your project.

7-Click the download button to save the palette image directly to your device in png format with the codes of each color in hexadecimal format.

8-You also have access to themed color palettes so you can copy the color you prefer or directly download the complete color palette.

6-You’re done! You can use your palette directly in your html, css, web page or any other design tool.

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