Tips for Creating Your Brand’s Color Palette

Considering that 90% of first impressions about a product are based solely on color, your brand needs a color palette that represents it. Here are some tips on how to achieve it.

Observe and Be Inspired

Observing other sites and brands will give you a broad perspective of how colors are used in different contexts. This will give you ideas and help you understand what color schemes might work well for your brand.

Use Color Selection Tools

Tools like mkbalance’s color palette generator can help you select consistent colors. For example, if you choose green as your main color, these tools will provide you with analogous color schemes to complement it, i.e. colors that are located close to each other on the color wheel.

Avoid Intense Colors

Intense colors such as red, yellow or orange can be distracting and counterproductive, as they attract too much attention. If you can’t avoid them, choose pastel variants to soften their impact.

Don’t Underestimate Neutral Colors

Neutral colors like gray, brown and black are excellent complements. Make sure you have at least one neutral color in your palette to balance brighter colors.

Consistency in All Media

Once you’ve selected your color palette, use it consistently across all of your platforms and marketing materials. This helps reinforce your brand recognition.

Did you know that blue is the most common color for brands because it is associated with trust? Colors have a psychological meaning that influences how customers perceive your brand. Therefore, the choice of colors should not be taken lightly.

Creating the right color palette is crucial to your brand’s success. So get to work. 

If you find the task of selecting the right colors for your brand complex, remember that you can do it through our color palette generator, that way you will be on the right track to give a true identity to your brand.

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