Aleman art


Focused on transmitting the essence of the tattoo: realism, quality and art that lasts over time. Designing unique tattoos that exceed expectations, a close treatment and impeccable attention. My vision is to lead and be a world reference in this art.

Identity Manual


Review poster 95.01 x 149.99cm


Event post 1080 x 1080px

Fan Page

Web site banner 851 x 315px

Fan Page

Web site banner 851 x 315px

Permanent Stories

Stories icons for Instagram

Additional Services

As we know that image is not everything, we performed these additional services for this project.

CRM Management: we control your contact list, implementing massive email and sms marketing campaigns.
Content generation for the blog and your website.
Market assessment and metrics analysis.
Implementation of paid advertising campaigns.


Brand consulting

Brand management

CRM Management

Community manager

Digital ad campaigns

Content Editor

Graphic design and development

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